Aluminum Composite Panels

Here at BAC Fabrication we have experienced personnel who utilize state of the art equipment to produce a wide-array of systems. We have five ASTM tested systems for whatever performance needs your project may require.

We can do both Wet Seal (backer rod and sealant) and Dry Seal (open joint with gasketed extrusion framing within all panels) Systems.

Twenty to Thirty Year Paint Finish System based on vendor with a wide array of Standard Colors as well as MICA and Metallic colors Our systems have been tested and approved for: Dade County NOA, Florida Product Approval (with HVHZ), NFPA 285, AAMA 508 and AAMA 509.     Some of the details and benefits of Aluminum Composite Material Systems include:

  • Two sheets of .020” aluminum thermo-bonded to a solid, fire retardant core
  • Extremely Flat. No Oil Canning!
  • Easy to bend, curve and radius form
  • Excellent for column covers & beam wraps
  • Lightweight – half the weight of solid aluminum yet 90% as strong
  • Easy to install. Can go on steel studs or over existing substrates such as brick, precast or stucco
  • Excellent product for retrofit

For more information on the different brands of ACM material follow the links below to the respective manufacturer’s website: